Aril was a good  boy almost of the time. He just had one problem. He was very contentious and his friend didn't like his bad character. One day in the autumn the children were all sitting by the lake and talking about the seas and lakes. They were saying that seas were deeper and colder than lakes.

As always, Aril took up the opposing view.

      This time his friends didn't argue with him ; they knew him very well by now.
      They began to skip stones. Thin, flat stones skipped over the blue water like flying birds.
      Fahmi was able to skip his stones further than anyone else that day. His stones went a long way, skipping towards the horizon.

       Aril felt jealous and said :" Let me see you stones"

      Fahmi opened his hand and showed Aril his stones. His stones were no different than anyone else's. But spoilsport Aril always looked for a reason to pick a fight.

      " Oh. You have taken the thinness stones. Of course, such thin stones will go a long way, anyone can do that."

      Fahmi was an easy-going boy and said ; " Alright ; why don't we exchange the stones ? You take mine and I'll take yours."

     But the result was the same.

     Limping Haydar, who had been hurt in a traffic accident , approched Aril.

     "You are in a bad mood today. And you're not very lucky either," he said to his friend, gently.
     Aril was angry because he hadn't been able to skip the stones and shouted at Haydar,

     "What do you know, you cripple!"

     The other children became very angry with Aril. They all love Haydar and hated to see anyone threat him badly. They told Aril that he had been very unfair and mean.

      Aril's behavior goes against what our Prophet told us in the following hadith :

             "Do not argue with your Muslim brothers and sisters! Do not make fun of them! "

لا تمار أخاك ولا تمارخه
                              (   رواه الترمذي    )