This entry is made especially for those who were pressured and busy with works including me right? Because as Muslims, we need to remember and advice each other.

This Sunday we will celebrate Ma'al Hijrah (1433H) but how can we make' Hijrah binafsi? '?

By being LAZY to HARDWORKING, from MAZMUMAH to MAHMUDAH, from ZERO to HERO and many more. I know "hijrah" is always difficult and tough but in the end is "HASANAH"

We were always busy with works but is it very difficult to spend hours or minutes or seconds to be close with HIM? When I was in form 5, I had a very hard time in managing myself. I was always busy with my works as a leader of the hostel, assistant of the head prefect, SPM and some problems with my friends. Then, I try to perform tahaddjud, taubah and hajah. You know what happen then? I passed my hard time with peaceful, without stress and also my face didn't show any signs of stress. In short, Allah gives me the strength and the spirit to pass through all problems . HE makes my HEART very strong and ponder!!

Although my SPM was not very good, I never gave up and I decided to further my study with STAM. Without failure, I can't get to feel the sweetness of the success because I believe in each difficulty and test by Allah is a bridge for me to get millions of reward from His love .

My messages :

1. Preserve our relationships with Allah, parents, friends and ourselves.
2. Try to do Tahaddjud, you will get the biggest reward from HIM .
3. Let's make hijrah.

  Hijrah itu pengorbanan
Hijrah itu perjuangan
Hijrah itu persaudaraan
Hijrah membentuk perpaduan

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