Ikan di laut asam di darat

The title of this post referred to a Malay proverb which overall read : Ikan di laut, asam di darat. Dalam belanga bertemu jua. I do not know of an English equivalence but the approximate meaning is that though two hearts may be far apart (figuratively, of different worlds), it is destiny that would make them meet one day and be joined in matrimony.

The other people always used that proverb when launching wedding ceremony such as :

Orang jauh berkirimkan surat
Berkali-kali dibaca jua
Ikan dilaut asam didarat
Dalam kuali bertemu jua

This proverb also made me think about "love". It had been a long time since I'm thinking deeply about it. I think..I'm starting to like someone but I'm not sure what is my true feeling towards him and what is his true feeling towards me. Sometimes he always kept in touch with me, sometimes he kept silent. Though I have a high expectation on him, I cannot put too much hope. Maybe for the time being we can describe our friendship like senior and junior. If we were meant together..Alhamdulillah..

Back to the title, I have had seen an advertisement by PETRONAS about Hari Raya. Two boys were sitting together as closes friend. While fishing at the river they sang :

Ikan dilaut asam di darat
Dalam periuk bikin muafakat

It describes friendship among the people. My friend said : True friends - Are they beside you whenever you have problems? If yes, there are true friends..If not, let's just you being their true're not gonna lose anything for it.Sometimes, it's better to face your problems alone.
I want to reply : Allah is always beside us and will never leave us alone. ^_^

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